Time to build…
You have wishes or responsibilities about a place, a design to materialize.
How do I help? No designs you don’t need.
I listen carefully, in Dutch, French or English, observe, collect input, worry about reality, reach for tools into my gear and twist it into a built form.
You’ll find foremost a place or an object to feel.
I’ve learned my craft slowly and consistently. Not specialized, I chose to remain open and adaptive.
Smallest practice, powerfull skills to squeeze, tuck up, manipulate, test then deliver.
  • Marie Prunault
  • Architecte D.P.L.G.
  • Scheepsbouwweg 8 – K03, RDM, 3089 JW Rotterdam, NL
  • Architect registration (NL) 1.160301.003
  • KVK (chamber of commerce) 65612469
  • [email protected]
    The ultimate joy for an architect, I think, is when finding the feat that pops a building’s solidification right.
    It is very specific to the discipline, how this happens, the type of cognitive work required. It graciously gives the impression of luck, but most often results of less comfortable underground moves.
    It means you have pulled and pushed all the mess of the building requirements, walked on eggs in supreme hesitant uncertainty for a while, faced doubts of everyone around, and there it is, a project, ready to go through its journey to achievement.
    It is crucial to have this clear so all participants are given to envision a common goal.
    From then on, for some of us, the job is over, the “concept” is set, the rest is left to technical, profane domains, for others, it only triggers the next part of the adventure.
    Each field of expertise needs space to infuse the project. I’m neither expert nor engineer, my role is to carry their voices in built forms, free of clutter, waste, overflow.
    I’ve leaved on this adventure in architecture studios over a decade, learning my crafts, aiming at high-quality, and continue today shaping a small, highly competent, reactive and flexible practice.
    There I master the responsibilities associated with my profession- through different projects scales – at all different stages, from client brief to final realization.MESURE DIGITALE
    Imagine a group going down to the shore on a Sunday afternoon. They fold back at the foot of the cliff, sheltered from the wind. They sit on the warm rock, chose a spot matching their priority (seating comfy, close to their conquest in mind etc), drawing a layout in tune with their personal interactions. They stay there a while, silent or talking. We are still viscerally rooted in an environment not made in awareness of us, to deal with it we can patch architecture.
    Codes help to achieve this in more complex cases. Conceptual, mathematical, they form prosaic instructions, associated with machines and techniques of the time. See blueprints, scale models, most recently BIM models, rapid prototyping and virtual simulations, maybe soon they are encrypted in block chains.
    New measuring tools are mind blowing for their accuracy, the extent of data they can store, and I suppose the building industry can only be transformed by this and respond with more innovative, customized materials, digitally controlled building processes.
    That leaves me both worried and enthusiastic.
    Enthusiastic when it means we might get loose of Lego-like standards and protocols, to instead program rigorously perfect execution of new shapes, new materials and assemblies in reasonable budgets.
    And worried… in the days of my education, we were taught a building is also a place. It has surfaces to touch, bound and obstruct, delicate matter to manipulate, we shall pay attention, how to insert it in the ground, devil is in the details etc. Architecture can’t be flattened into a slick answer to measured data. We need shades to frame light, stimulate our senses, memory and sociability. You can’t find it in a consensual, approved, certified quality applied globally.REACH ME FOR:
    A. Design buildings and building components.
    Complete the design to end, deliver sets of documents and artifacts for architectural projects, mainly, and related fields for which I have acquired expertise (building skins and interiors, design, public facilities, outdoor and indoor).
    The delivered documents include advanced simulations (complete 3d models and bills of quantities, digital and physical), to use and update through the buildings lifecycle.
    B. Reinforce project teams.
    I can integrate design offices as a free-lancer on project-based time frames. Mostly to level-up the documents quality, and introduce robust work flows including 3d modelling to build accurately difficult shapes.
    C. Code digital tools.
    Write micro-programs filling the gaps left by on-the-shelf CAD programs.
    D. Prototype small physical objects.
    Furniture and product design (digital manufacturing on small scale: 3d-printing, laser cut and CNC milling techniques).