Thanks cloudHQ for being there

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I really need a toolbox like cloudHQ… Initially I found cloudHQ while looking for a solution to keep my emails in a better organized and accessible way than the standard gmail archive.
Now I feel much more comfortable with this way of keeping track of my professional communication.
Finally, I can backup my emails with their attachments as pdf/zip. No weird formats. The interface is very straightforward. Another advantage is that you can batch the process with all emails sharing the same label.
I expected to find alternatives, but surprisingly there are not many for my browser/email configuration (opera+gmail).
Luckily I’m not disappointed at all with cloudHQ.
That drove me to inquire on the other goodies that cloud HQ has to offer.
And really there are many handy simple to use tool to really enhance my use of gmail.
One drawback for me is that my favorite cloud service, PCloud, which is the one and only which I use permanently, is not one of the big names like dropbox or google drive. Cloud HQ comes with a lot of cloud features, but limited to the big names, at least in the regular version.
For this reason I cannot fully benefit of all the possible features.
However I have good hope this can be solved getting some assistance from cloud HQ staff.
But bonus there is… it comes with tools for another app which I never stay away from very long… Evernote. I can backup and more.
Certainly one could argue about the choice of gmail and its limitation out of the box in the first place. Myself I have a lot of criticism toward gmail.
But my company is still very confidential, unipersonal. So as long as I can keep continuity in my communication, with things in one place around which I can organize everything in a flexible way, I’m happy.