The ribeye chair is shaped in a direction making it structurally intriguing, while at the same time it invites to relax.It is an armchair, with a low back seat, and it is also a french “meridienne”, or contemporary take on the classical madame Récamier seat. This is achieved with the assymetry of the armrests, one of them is actually a backrest for leaning position.
Juliette Récamier is also a great female figure of French history, a force of resistance to Napoleon’s regime. She would not even bend down when proposed to be maid of honour. There was her, and Germaine de Stael. Great women.
Thinking of them to gives me courage in my enterprise.
The whole object is a ribbon of composite shaped around a plug made of 3 x 3d-CNC-milled poplar plywood blocks assembled in a specific order.
The thickness of the material will range between 15 and 30 mm, to be defined in the upcoming tests / prototypes.
The exact nature of the polymer can vary (epoxy, solid surface, polyester etc), as well as the fiber (carbon, flax, fiberglass etc).
The shape itself is now protected by patent No 003531789-0001.
The finished layer will be preferably a wool felt for the luxurious version, felt directly on the shell, from a skein of fibers.
Ideally this would be done in joint venture with a social company producing felt with the sheeps from Rotterdam, but first the prototype of the shape real size must be finished to bring them in the story.
The process in mind is inspired from the traditional hat making.
A more affordable version might be a polyurethane coating, or a polishing of the core material in case a solid surface polymer is used.
All to be continued… Now prototyping.