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Making it possible


It is not only up to the architect, but in that role I can feed a project great deal to become an awesome, singular, substantial building.

When you are a driven client, with a defined budget, big or small, but known, and we get a good building team, not a building products reseller, wonderful architecture is possible.

My knowledge applies also to other forms of construction, art, furniture, creative coding even.

I’m particularly good with shapes, but there is no need to go wild systematically. Still I always integrate a  degree of finesse, I’m not the one to make a bland box quickly wrapped in wood for the good cause. 

I admit having difficulties with standard building products at unbeatable prices making all the buildings look the same, what starts as an affordable option, which is good, becomes a mine for profits and monopoly .

At least you can trust an architect, I believe the last one to get any of the cake, really just paid for doing his job.

For any project I’ll provide steady dedication and accurate documents to form a vision into reality.



He said it was the mother of all arts. 

Well, looking around you, there are reasons to doubt. 

It is not because Architecture is bad, but because there is not enough Architecture.

There is not too many Architects, just too many for the mini room allocated to design Architecture.

Architecture gets trapped at the tail of other matters and quick satisfactions.

But yes, when you imagine, or travel a bit, you figure, there is potential. It can be fantastic.

If we must build less and less, perhaps it is a chance to do it with more care. What is a small percentage for a long lasting construction?

Myself I forget sometimes, in the routine, and then I remake Ray Kappe’s residence to test a VR workflow, feeling again like a student. With all the humility deciphering the master’s work. Then it’s obvious, I get it without a doubt, there is something very moving about Architecture. It is a true mix of intelligence and emotion, real, or virtual, if needed.



Fresh in the house. A year of practice with 2 undisclosable projects. For BIM compliance I use Graphisoft Archicad, in it’s full flavor with all the Dutch standards templates (ILS). I also make use of Blender BIM. IFC exports are issued to warranty software-agnostic durability of projects documentation. With Archicad come a few extras such as Life Cycle building assessment and simple energy simulations.

Digital fabrication

Since I like tinkering with computer programming and how things are made, it is only logical that I can prepare digital fabrication.

I was 3 years at a makerspace which closed. There I have developed robotic programming, used a CNC machine, laser cutting and 3d printing.

At the moment I don’t have those facilities, but I still have the knowledge to prepare  jobs for machines, and addresses where to send it (except for the robot I d rather do myself if possible some day).

Otherwise I use hand tools at the studio when needed, to experiment.


Yes. You know, the plans, sections, façades, walls views, reflected ceiling plans, details. The classical stuff. BIM is nice but it should not be integrated at the expense of providing sound geometric representations. Accurate drawings and perfect 3d ‘CAD’ models remain a priority. Hopefully I will never say I can’t draw/model something because of software limitations. I have chosen my tools carefully in this respect.

XR - Visuals

It is a very cool extra. 

I don’t do it the way a specialized visualization business does it, the way they do it for real-estate compagnies for instance.

But I fully integrated VR/AR/Renders in the design methods, with no fuzz of props or effects.

You can explore everything I make for you. You can manipulate virtual ‘maquettes’,  draw on top spontaneously with Gravity sketch.

You can experience the light, the materials.

With VR we can also talk with you or the contractor about project issues efficiently.

Even more, if you can’t afford to build your dream, we can still make it virtually if you want.


Parametric design

I have started with python programming and parametric design in the years 2009-2010. 

It means I can do more than just using modelling software how it is out of the box. I can dig deeper, automate tasks, generate models from data, invent tools, adjust variables, be very agile within a variety of software. 

if you don’t know what it is, search online about Grasshopper for Rhino and Geometry Nodes in Blender.

What I do doesn’t scream out loud it’s done parametrically. It’s just part of my daily toolbox, independently of any current design trend.

I cultivate this knowledge all the time, there is a long way to go, even after 13 years.

Small timber building

For a simple, clean set of drawings (plans, sections, façade) WITHOUT specifics such as unique design/ revisions/ details/ energy simulations and so on : 900 .

The same as above with a 3d model (white, no textures, usable for VR/AR) : 2.400 €.

For a wrapped up small house project WITH all the specifics, incl. building permit documents in Dutch, execution details etc…  “onder architectuur” as we say in the Netherlands:

15.000 € (+/- 3.000 €).

Custom made furniture production-ready

I’m interested in short-circuit, local production, with less overhead.

I can make a design and shop documents ready to send to a joiner/contractor, or to a digital fabrication unit (Wood cutting/milling and Metal laser cutting/bending). 

As example, I charge within 900-2.000 € to design and prepare digital documents for a set of sheet work furniture (storage, bench, table… simple but responding to special situations where Ikea can’t fit).


Art projects support fee is 50 /h. Only applicable for projects whose artists do not get huge financial support. Which is often the case.

Typically I contribute with parametric scripts, models and digital fabrication (rhino and blender), for a project my help costs between 2.000 and 6.000 €.

Full blown architecture project 100 -


30.000   –    

In this scope I would strongly recommend a fully qualified architect, like myself, or another, depending on your affinities. 

If you are interested in how I design, you can be sure you will get the same consistent quality and precision I always put in my work. Along with BIM model in conformity with the Dutch standards (ILS), early schematic building energy models variants, beautiful and accurate visuals,  coordination with contractors, continuous follow-up and problems solving. When it is not good in the beginning, it gets good through persistence, hard work and dialog.


How much?

It doesn’t seem cheap to get an architect on board. Here in the Netherlands you don’t have to even.

Consequently, there is a bunch of alternative self proclaimed experts you can call…

There is a big chance you get charged double by the afore-mentioned alternative who is likely sub-contracting/employing architects turned draftsmen. You pay the architectural documents, and the so called brilliant strategic thinking and management promiss equal to void. You’ll be better off reaching to the  source. In an architect’s mind, there is much more capillarity between ideas and their execution.

We don’t know everything about buildings but for that we are trained at least 6 years :).

In our case the price is fair in relation to the work it takes us to deliver well-thought through solutions embedded in useful documents and models. 

We can give a small impulse to a project, or be present from start to finish, which we recommend. No one knows better the ins and outs of a project virtuality as its architects.

However we understand this is not always possible financially, so we also offer minimal short-term services/invoicing  (start fee 900 euros).

PS. For first-time clients I ask 30% advance payment for fees >= 2.400 €.


And then?

The result will stay for a long time. 

You have to chose your architect wisely. You need to think further than going blind for the trendy bureau of the moment

The investment will serve a purpose, day after day. It will be a real beautiful place to be.

When/ If modifications are required, I can take part, holding the knowledge of how it was made.

If not, the project anyway is delivered well documented, making it easier to plan over.